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Limiting Your Reach

Matt Birchler on his need for photography to be fun:

Additionally, since Glass is paid and artists generally like people to be able to see their work, it doesn’t make sense for really talented people to post there (certainly not only there) because it’s limiting who and enjoy (and maybe purchase) their work.

Although this post talks more about Matts waining use of Glass, this little part towards the end stuck out to me. Echoing my thoughts about posting photos to Glass.

I wish I could just quit instagram, and Glass is precisely the sort of place I would quit it for. Although if I did, no-one I actually know would see my photos, so I have no choice but to post to Instagram as well. I am not bothered about building a following or anything, but the average Joe people are never going to use Glass. Then comes the obvious realisation that if I might as well just post to instagram.

So, here I am, loving at app, enjoying the photos posted, but still posting to Instagram.

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