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Glass Feelings

I am not the type of person to be influenced by other people's thoughts, but they often prompt thoughts of my own. Lots of talk about Glass from people I follow has led me to think about my usage, and it’s complicated to some them all up.

The simple one is I love using it. The app design is beautiful. An uninterrupted feed of great photos with a well-thought-out UI. Finding people to follow is pretty easy now that categories feature heavily. Meaning my feed to full of both the types of images I like to look at and those of the few friends I have that use Glass.

Granted, the standard of photography feels a bit intimidating. Glass is definitely where a lot of pro level shooters share their shots. Some very skilled individuals simultaneously give me imposter syndrome and teach me lots about the pictures they take. Glass can be very inspiring in terms of the type of shots that look good and the settings to be able to capture them.

With all that said, I’m losing the motivation to check it. If it wasn’t for the wonderful widget, I think I would have deleted the app by now. Trends in photography absolutely exist, but I see lots of the same type of images. All shown in the same way, and often whole sets of images posted one after the other in a ‘dump’ that floods my timeline for a long while. However, I can put up with all this, frankly I put up with a lot bigger issues by using Instagram — but posting in multiple places is untenable.

No one I know apart from nerds on the internet uses Glass, and that is unlikely to change. I don’t need Glass as a portfolio of sorts, so I think it has reached its usefulness lifespan. The novelty has worn off for many people I follow, leading me to question my usage. As nice as the app is, and as great as the team behind it are, my interest in using something so niche is coming to an end.

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