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A Path For 2022

Taking inspiration from a few other bloggers posts that I have read, I thought I would post my intentions for the upcoming year. That way everything is out in the open and there is at least a little accountability in the universe. The new year is usually when I start something new, leading to it dieing around April time. This year is different.

Nothing new is planned for this year. That’s not to say that opportunities and ideas won’t arise, but I intend to double down on what I am currently doing.


Posting every day in November was exhausting but also very beneficial. My blog has broken even for the first time in years for November and December. I am never going to make the money out of writing that I have in the past, but getting to a stage where my traffic justifies the work I do is a fantastic feeling. All from a small Carbon advert at the top of each page and post.

I will continue to post regularly, no numbers, no targets, just solid output whenever inspiration strikes. I have moulded my workflow into a great place, filed with Shortcuts and publishing prompts that I know I can continue at a good pace. Due to my increased output I like to think my writing has improved, and I know my style — which is half the battle with writing.

I have a few posts lined up for other publications in the works, so I hope that this will bring a bit more exposure to my blog and open up other avenues for creative work.

Other Skills

Learning new skills recently to build my new blog and take on new challenges has been enjoyable. Having ported a new theme to I have plans in the works to do some more, as well as produce my own theme for Ghost.

This year will be one of less wasted time on social media and more learning new things to expand my skills. I hope that this again will open up more areas for creative work and allow me to progress my career.

Other Areas

After the usual discussions with family on New Year's Eve, we have all outlined what we want to work on this year. Mine is one of improving my social side in person and make more connections. I struggle a lot with in person socialising and lean far too heavily on social media to provide the needed conversation. How I do this is something as yet to be finalised, but no doubt will involve pushing myself a long way out my comfort zone.

I have also highlighted my desire to play more games, watch more films and also read more books. With that comes to an end, my eclectic range of things to do in 2022. My overall theme is “more of the same”, worry less and enjoy more.

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