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Subscription Creep

After some inspiration from Maique I thought I would take stock of things going out of my account. I am a sucker for trying out new apps and services, often forgetting to cancel them before the free trial expires. So, I got out my bank statements and checked my subscriptions page and made some adjustments.

Must Haves

Apple One - We as a familly get a ton of value out of one subscription for £29.99. 2 TB of storage for photos, Apple Music for all of us, and we use Apple Fitness quit a lot too.

Headspace - we have been subscribing as a family for about 3 years now, and the £75 a year we pay is a bargain.

Ulysses - My writing app of choice, and I’ve tried them all!

Pocketcasts - I want to use something that has clip sharing in, but Pocketcasts is the perfect app for me. I have built up quite a few smart playlists, and the £9.99 a year for Apple Watch streaming, and other benefits is a bargain.

Adobe - I technically don’t pay for this, the business does, but it's the lifeblood of everything I do. Expensive but so worth it.

Netflix - Love it, watch loads of it for everything from documentaries to rubbish TV when I want to unwind.

Brain FM - Essential and my most used media app. Lifetime subscriber, so I suppose doesn’t count as a cost any more.

Hover - When I bought my domains and see little reason to move. No longer pay them for email services (done by iCloud) so the cost is minimal.

Digital Ocean - Tiny price (£10pm) for my blog and a few other bits that I run myself. - Experimenting again with sharing smaller posts here, and for the minimal price it's a good service. Built a page that looks like my blog and will see how it goes.


1Password - After a few years being a faithful subscriber, Apple Passwords now provides everything I need. So, I won't be renewing at the end of this month.

Glass - Technically still a subscriber, but I don’t use the app any more and won’t be renewing in September when it is due.

Hey - Nothing wrong with the app and service, just don’t want to give the company any money.

Drafts - Tried to get back into this recently, can’t find a use for it that I can’t do with Shortcuts.

Day One - Can’t get into this whole journalling thing and if I did I don’t think I require another app to do it in. Some people seem to love it.

I feel pretty good about the amount I have cut down in the last year or so. With more and most service being rolled out by iOS recently, I have saved a packet. So, I don’t feel so bad giving them £30 pm for Apple One.

Most if the subscriptions I do pay are family plans paid annually, so they work out much cheeper and much better value with 5 of us using it.

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