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Goodbye For A Bit

Colin Devroe on Quitting Social Media:

Not that I can’t focus. I can sit down and get into flow on a programming project more often than not. But when I’m still, when I’m idle, when I feel like I could be bored at any moment I grab my phone and scroll through Twitter which sends my mind into overdrive on a million topics, timelines, thoughts, and emotions.
I don’t think this is good for the human brain. I know it isn’t good for my brain.

It’s the last few words of this post that I’ve been saying for a while. I know the are are loads of positives in connecting with people, yet every time I move away I get “yeah but why”.

I know, for a fact, that when I use social media a lot I am a worse person. I waste more time, I procrastinate more and I think about things less. My desire to watch more films, play more games and also write more just doesn’t have time for scrolling through other peoples lives. My Twitter obsession started more than a decade ago and it’s time for me to take back my brain.

Yes I know I do this every so often. No it’s not going to be for a year like Colin. If Social Media is good for you, great, but the amount of push back I get is stupid. You do you.

I will check in a bit, but the last few days of only being able to go on Twitter on my desktop has been really helpful for me to see things more clearly. So if a little is good, more must be better, right?

Well, we’ll see. Goodbye for a bit. Feel free to reach out in other ways if you want to. Love you all.

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