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It Depends On When You Write The Book

There have been a few points in my life that have felt like it was ending. The specifics of these no longer matter to me, a long time ago fading into insignificance. Yet at the time, they felt like major issues that appeared insurmountable.

Of course, everything can be overcome. The feelings of major issues fade in time. Life moves forward, and the events depicted in the stories told about it evolve.

It'll go from being, you know, a book of my life to becoming a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a doodle - Jason Sudeikis

Not everything happens like this. There have been turning points that need to be worked through, both good and bad. They still retain the size and gravity that the moment dictates, but they still fade in time. As Jason sums up above, depending on when the book is written, all lives events shrink in importance the further you get from them. From a chapter, to a few lines, and often become next to nothing.

The rawness of emotions regularly feel overwhelming at the time. But like physical scars, they need time and space to heal. They also need to be looked after, tended to and dealt with. Ignore an issue, and it will get worse over time. Baby it, and the surrounding area will stiffen up and make matters worse. The only answer is to deal with the issue and recognise your body and its amazing ability to heal itself, in time.

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