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Two Cameras: Two Uses

James Tocchio on his view that the camera matters:

I’ve been missing that. All of that. And it’s really hit me this week that I’ve spent the past couple of years thinking that the camera didn’t matter anymore. But I think, maybe, that it matters more than ever.

If I am honest, I’ve not yet worked out what all the words are, they seem jumbled and don’t really get to the point. Yet, the whole time reading I was thinking about my thoughts about my camera, so I guess that’s the point.

I have two, my A7c and my iPhone 13 Pro. After spending some time accepting that I need both in my life, they now serve entirely different uses for me. Neither is more important than the other, but I am glad I have both.

My smartphone needs to have a good camera to capture all of life's moments. My kids doing things I want to let others know about, or record a memory I want to look back on. Perhaps to show the world what I am up to and post a short post about it. I often try to put come artistic flair on it, but more often than not they are candid, slightly blurry moments frozen in time.

My camera on the other hand is for expressing myself. Picking it up to do something, or go somewhere, I want to capture with my self-expression. Like painting a picture or making some music, this is my art. Granted I am still learning, but it's the way I want to express myself outside my blog and what I am dedicated to.

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