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Negative Vibes

Have you ever heard the expression that the universe is a mirror? The idea that whatever you put out into it, gets reflected straight back at you. It seems a little absurd on the face of it. A theory akin to The Secret, that you can manifest whatever you want just from your frame of mind. Yet, I think there’s something in this, you know.

Ever been in a room with someone who’s in a bad mood? You don’t need to see or hear anything, you can feel the energy in the room. The stress feels as if it is leaking out of their body and often starts to affect surrounding people. That feeling lights something in me and I often need to get out of there straight away. It makes kind of sense thought when you think about it.

All the negative stuff we put out or see every day must go somewhere. Crappy tweets, passive-aggressive comments at work, it can’t hurt to be mindful of it.

Since listening to a fairly out-there conversation with Duncan Trussell and Aubrey Marcus, I’ve been more concerned with the negative energy I put out. This isn’t directly anything to do with my hiatus from Twitter, but there’s got to be some benefit to not seeing all that the cesspool has to offer, numerous times day. Given the fact that some people learn to express more outrage over time whilst using social media has been scientifically proven, it could be manipulating us all more than we think.

As I wrote about yesterday, I know I am more predisposed to this kind of thing. I’ve seen the results for myself. From emotionally abusive and manipulative partners to down right aggressive work colleagues, they’ve all taken their toll on me in one way or another. So in a bid to do what I can to steam the flow, I’m beginning to be more mindful of the way I am and hope that this brings about a positive change in others. It already makes me feel better!

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