Trying to be zen

We had a nice day to day, for a bit at least. A day out at the seaside with the kids and enjoyed a bit of time on the beach. Enjoyable but exhausting.

You know the feeling when you get home a after a long day, you're delighted to be home and just want to relax for a while. Yet, the universe had other ideas for us. Lucie's feeding tube wouldn’t work correctly, and after some trial and error, we found out it was the button in her tummy that was broken. We couldn’t feed her.

So off we go to hospital. It’s 6pm at night and shouldn’t take that long for them to get us a new one and change it. It’s a 3-minute job maximum. How wrong could we be?

We waited an hour just to talk to a nurse, she disappeared, never to return. Therefore, we waited another hour just to talk to another person. All the time, Lucie hasn’t had anything to eat or drink for hours and is getting increasingly frustrated—as are we. There’s more to this story that I won’t go into, but needless to say we didn’t leave the hospital for almost 4 hours.

I love that we have the NHS in the UK, but it’s times like these that you really struggle to stay zen. The calmness you feel is really tested when you are dealing with organisations or individuals that seem set to try you. Almost as if the universe is playing a game with you to see if this good mood you’re in can last. You try to smile and laugh as much as you can, but the game can push you to the limit at times.

Just as we are about to leave the doctor turns up, takes less than a minute to change the button and we are on our way a little before 10pm. Thank goodness.

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