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Keep It Simple Stupid

You might have heard this term, commonly referred to as KISS, it is used in training for almost any subject you can think of. Indeed, it has become a bit of cliché but KISS relates to so many things and points in life that it should be a mantra to everyone. Keep everything in life as simple as possible, always.

Call it minimalism or whatever you want, but again it has raised importance in my life to do with photography. You may have noticed, or may not even care, that my rate of sharing photos has changed. I am sharing lots because I am taking lots, and that’s because I’m keeping it simple (and I’m stupid).

Since getting into photography 4-5 years ago, I’ve been on a mission of Gear acquisition. Buying new stuff whenever I could, and selling a few things too because I thought that’s what I needed. Every time I took photos, I focused on the things I missed and not the improvements I was making. Compared my pictures to those that I admired and convinced myself that I needed a full frame camera, or some fancy glass. That I could be even better with better stuff. Despite me knowing that this has very little to do with it, whenever I looked at others I wanted their stuff and not their talent.

The thing with camera gear is there isn’t really a ceiling, so it could get idiotic. However, I was sensible, and came to a decision a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to have a ‘proper camera’ any more and I wanted to change things. Out goes full frame cameras and more lenses than I know what to do with, and in comes a Fujifilm x100v.

I honestly can’t tell you how much of a revaluation this has been. I watched enough reviews and videos on the camera to know that others feel this too, but I never expected it. This small camera with a fixed lens just makes me want to take photos again. There are no lenses I can lust after, no settings videos I need to brush up on, it’s almost point and shoot.

I guess it could also be said that it’s making me take simple images. No more worrying about being all arty, just take photos that catch my eye. With less expectation from the photos I take, I relax a bit more and enjoy shooting. It’s so small and light I take it to more places, I feel more comfortable shooting with it, and to be honest, I just love the way it looks.

The x100v also allows me to simplify the camera itself. It spends most of the time in aperture priority and the camera does the rest. Even the JPEG’s coming out of it are great. I love this little thing because it keeps it simple.

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