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Just Takes A Bit Of Effort

The cursor blinks at me in a, what I interpret as, passive-aggressive way. Its yellow line set starkly against the black screen. Gently appearing and reappearing in the same place as if to utter to me that it hasn’t moved. I still haven’t typed anything, instead sat staring at my tormentor. Sitting in the chair, but still unable to conjure up anything to fill this space.

Sounds easy when you say it out loud. Writing things, blog posts or instruction manuals or web copy. It’s the doing it that’s the hard bit. When you have a vocabulary as small as mine, you’ve perhaps typed out every word you know hundreds of times and now is the point where you wonder what is.

This might as well be dark magic I’m trying to use. I am trying to make something from nothing, but this is a blog post and not a demon to engulf the world. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Every skill is, though. You have to work at the things you want to do. Especially when you’re as poor at it as I, yet still kind of want to be a writer. Even more so than a fighter pilot I really wanted to be in year 5. Turns out my eyesight is about as good as my grammar, so I am screwed in both counts, but I digress.

Fuck you line. I’m going to type something now and prove you wrong. Opening up my writing app does work, and I can publish something. The words can be decided upon and put in some semblance of order. I can do this, it just takes time and effort to put the wheels in motion.

If I’m honest, writing would be a bit boring if it was easy. Yet, anyone can do it with a bit of effort and a mind that wonders. Even me.

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