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Being Consistent For What?

Lee Peterson via Jeff Perry:

.. my blogging has almost completely stopped, it’s reinforcing that 80% of what I do here is done from my phone. As I adjust to using the iPhone Mini I’ll blog more I think, I just didn’t realise how much I did actually do from my mobile.

I’m not one for reading something and writing a post straight off the bat, but this one did speak to me quite a bit. I too, struggle with consistency. My blogging comes in peaks and troughs. I used to beat myself up about this, but the reality is, it really doesn’t matter.

Blogging doesn’t need to be done a certain way, or at a certain rate, unless there is some outside stress that you need to consider. Unless you live from the page views, or get paid for the posts themselves, it doesn’t matter. Publish once a day/week/month/year it doesn’t matter, because you did it when you wanted to do it.

This is nothing against Lee, nor Jeff, they both write excellent things, and you should check them both out, but it's more to say that pushing isn’t always the way. If you’re doing something for the love of it, then make sure that love is always at the heart of it.

I’ve fallen down this trap before, and as great as publishing every day is, it’s a strain for no benefit. The same can be said for my photography on Instagram, when I started out, I felt like I had to post every day and grind out posts to get the followers. This just means I fall out of love with things.

It is interesting to think about the rate that things can change when circumstances do. I write mostly from my Mac, and have never really got in to it from my phone, but it is great to see that such excellent things can be done from their phone. I love my blog, and I could never not publish to it, but I will do it when I want to because I love it so much I never want to forget that love.

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