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Being A Realist Is Boring

When you are a child, you dream of huge, almost magical things happening in your life. The future is filled with so many, almost endless, possibilities that all those fantasies and aspirations don’t seem so hard to achieve. Yet for some reason all of that magic seems to fade as you get older, and you have to start being a bit more realistic, but it's really boring.

It’s a bit of a Meme now that all children want to be famous before they know what they would like to be famous for. There shouldn’t be much push back because this is understandable. These people are ones they look up to early in their life and as such the pinnacle of their world.

It’s easy to be dismissive of this. When children want to be YouTubers or play games for a living, it is just a modern-day version of what we all wanted to be when we were young. I always wanted to be a pilot because I lived in the flight path of some of the counties air defences and the sky was always filled with massive transport planes or high-speed fighter jets.

This love was nurtured by my grandfather, who would ask me what planes I wanted to fly and where I would want to go. Asking questions about how I thought I would become I pilot and what training I would need. He used my innocent desire to open my eyes up to the things I needed to think about, and that has stuck with me.

So now when my son says to me, he wants to be a YouTuber, my reaction is “cool, how do you think you could do that” instead of the realistic (pessimistic) answer of “that’s not going to happen”. Indeed, the ship to making money on YouTube has not sailed, but it is harder than ever to get started and the level of work required is huge. It's important that he starts to think about this, but there’s no need to be boring just yet.

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