Greg Morris

Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad

I Can’t Be Bothered

My motivation to do, well, anything, comes in waves. At some points, particularly lately, I can’t be bothered to write, run or do the things that I know I should do. However, I also know that these are the days that will make the most difference to me. I will improve the most struggling through the hard days and make sure the easy days feel much better.

I know these things, but that doesn’t mean I can always drag myself towards doing these things. Every so often I just can’t be bothered to do anything, I don’t feel the need to hack every waking moment of my life and maximise everything. Occasionally, I just want to let the motivation slip away and smash it again another day.

It sucks, being on Struggle Street, but I am happy in the knowledge that it always gets better. There is always and end to the empty feelings and lack of motivation when the colour returns to the world. So keep going, my friends, and I’ll see you at the end.

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