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Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad

It's Not The Camera, It's A Camera

There is no getting away from my love of photography and cameras. My favourite thing in the world is going somewhere, anywhere, and just wondering around pointing my lens at things. The simple act of doing so is like mediation to me, and nothing thing else comes close.

Occasionally, I shoot loads, sometimes I don’t. Occasionally, I get things I am happy with, more often they all go in the bin. I love having my camera in my hand, and each year when new iPhone day comes around, I seemingly forget no phone can replace it.

The process of taking photos has nothing to do with the camera I have. The iPhone camera that’s in my pocket is more than capable of capturing most of the street photography I do. The reason a camera matters so much to me is that it is just a camera. Nothing more, no internet, no restrictions. I am alone with the world.

I do take loads of photos with my phone too. No doubt once I get over myself, I will enjoy using the iPhone 14 Pro huge new sensor. In fact, it’s the only reason I bought it. I couldn’t care less about dynamic islands and always on displays. As soon as Apple began talking about the new 48mp sensor, my brain was already thinking about what I could do with it. It’s just not a camera.

Let’s take nothing away from mobile photography. In no way do you need a camera to be a photographer, people get spectacular shots using smartphones. That is simply not me. As strange as this sounds, having and using a camera has become part of my identity as an individual. I carry my x100v with me anywhere, and despite my initial thoughts, I don’t think that will stop. I’ve never really enjoyed using a phone to take anything more than snapshots but I think now might be the time to at least try.

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