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Lucie loves shoes

I guess one of the things you realise when you have kids, or you’re around a lot of them, is that they all have weird obsessions. You expect the usual superheroes, or horses or fire engines, but my daughter is obsessed with shoes!

She just loves them, and I have no idea where it has come from. Granted, she is disabled, but since she could crawl around, she always had a shoe nearby. Where most kids need teddies or blankets to settle down, Lucie has an emotional support shoe (it’s brand new). My Adidas Samba has even been down to an operation with her.

Our house is just littered with shoes for her to play with, or just carry around, as well as the usual musical or flashing toys. Perhaps it is because she spent much of her life on the floor due to mobility issues, but at this point I am just speculating.

If you ever visit our house, she will chase you around until she decides your shoes are not nice enough, or you take them off so she can have a proper look.

It causes some weird looks from people that don’t know her, but that’s just Lucie — and she loves shoes.

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