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The importance of having something that you can fully focus on and forget the world for a bit is becoming more and more obvious to me. Perhaps it is because the world sucks and the moment, and there is always some kind of bad news just around the corner. Or maybe it’s just that I am struggling more than I ever thought possible, but I just need to switch off for a while and not feel bad about it.

Some people find this in computer games, some find it in reading, but mine is writing and tinkering with my blog. I can only truly escape from the world for a bit whilst typing away on my keyboard doing my thing, and I only figured this out because I haven’t been doing it so much lately. Between COVID, work and just feeling burnt out when I get home, my personal projects have been on the back burner more than normal.

Thankfully, I have still been publishing quite a bit lately, but this has been from my phone. An experience that I quite enjoy as it allows me to publish on the go and be a bit more personal about things that are happening currently, but doesn’t quite give the same escape. Whilst using my laptop, I tend to let my mind wander a bit and don’t end up scrolling social media so much. I might start writing a post, and then tidy up the code on my blog, then perhaps edit some image sin Lightroom to publish. Just flit around doing random things I enjoy and not have to worry about anything else.

There’s no solution here, at least not one that I have worked out yet, but I wonder what random escapes others have. Something that seems so mundane or perhaps that others would hate gives me so much joy, so I bet we’ve all got some weird things we need to do to get through life.

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