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Our Stoptober

The idea of Stoptober is, at least in the UK, to stop drinking or smoking. It’s used as a marketing gimmick by so many companies that have a vested interest in selling you things, but the premise is great.

Considering myself and my wife don’t smoke, nor drink very much, we have decided to instead stop our negative thoughts. After both suffering with our mental health for a few months, it is the ideal opportunity to try to get back to feeling like ourselves again.

How on earth are we going to do this, you might ask. Well, we’ve chosen to meditate every day for a month. It’s a practice that’s dropped off in our lives recently and a good opportunity to introduce it to our son, who’s also joining us on this journey.

Day one is already completed after a nightmare setting up our family plan to Headspace to include my son’s Android phone. Hopefully, this might be the kick up the backside we both need and improve our thought patterns and concentration.

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