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My blog has being going for almost a decade. In that time, technology has transformed my life and the way I write has gone through some pretty major shifts. What was first typed into a frustratingly slow WordPress installation can now be published from a variety of apps with surprising ease, and often now straight from my phone.

Don’t get me wrong, publishing from a mobile isn’t new. I was doing everything from my iPad for years, and this is the same. More of a realisation of the true power that smartphones and the internet hold for us. There’s a lot of doom and gloom surrounding them, and more and more people wanting to ditch them (myself included) but you are mistaken if you think it is all bad news.

It’s remarkable that I am currently sat in my car waiting, as I always do, and typing out my thoughts to instantly post online. I might even spell check them first! This is my pushback against the thousands of posts I see telling anyone that will listen how bad their phone is. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there, all the minimalism people ask you to ditch it and that used to get me down. Currently I choose a big phone because I can do things on it that I would usually need a regular computer for. I can shape and mould this tool to enable me to do things and at the same time be aware of the downsides.

Publishing is my thing, and the fact I can do it all the time in situations where I might otherwise be bored or scrolling social media should be appreciated. I can see myself doing this more and more as time goes on, and it gives a nice contrast when I sit at my computer all day doing other things.

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