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Under Pressure

It’s that time of year again. At the point where our business starts to get a little less busy and other staff start catching up on their projects, mine takes off. There’s no reason for it, but something always crops up or needs competing each year, so I’m a little used to it by now. Last year we decided to redesign all of our brochures and then launch a new website the week before Christmas!

This year’s task has completely taken me out of my comfort zone. Even though a large portion of my work is design, I’ve never been good at original illustration. A sliding it like the plague and relying on others to do the heavy lifting. Low and behold, this project requires loads of it and has been stressing me out, lots.

So much, so I could not sleep last night due to worrying about things I was not happy with. Not a great felling, but ultimately, I gave up at 4am on Saturday and worked it through. A few hours later, I’m happier with the outcome and have actually developed my skills no end. This bit of pressure has pushed me to work on skills that I avoid if I can do.

Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go for this project, and I am still no artist, but the pressure has actually helped.

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