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The Constant Worry

The cost of living crisis in the UK has been getting progressively worse for the last few months and is destined to continue that way. Price increases to gas and electric, coupled with corporate greed, has seen food costs rocket upwards with dramatic effect.

I am thankful to not be in a financial position where this will kill me, but the constant worry about money is really starting to take its toll. Food expenses we have cut down on tremendously and started to really budget and plan everything, but heating and electric is becoming a nightmare.

I mean, listen to me with my first world problems, but I’m starting to think that the UK perhaps isn’t as first world as we think. Always having to think about turning things off, and playing the balancing act with heating is really stressful. Constantly considering keeping people at a temperature that they will be OK, but not too warm, where we are wasting money. We shouldn’t be living like this in a developed country.

The threat of falling into debt or not being able to keep my family warm is stressing me out, and the worry of prices going up again after April makes it even worse. Perhaps we’ll just sell up and move somewhere warm.

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