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Moving My Mastodon Account To

Well, first things first. I am not really moving my Mastodon account to in the technical sense but rather forwarding everything, but if you’re reading this you want to do the same. Thankfully, the process is pretty easy, and you won’t need much knowledge to do it.

The reason I wanted to do this, is that I can follow Mastodon accounts (or any other ActivityPub service) from inside and didn’t see the point using two apps to do the same things. I went backwards and forwards on which way I was going to do this, and decided that a quieter timeline on was the way I wanted to go. My only concern was leaving my other Mastodon account on empty and losing the people that I follow.

I first created an iOS Shortcut to find the accounts that I wanted to follow on For more information about following ActivityPub accounts on check out the help docs here. I gave this a day or so to see if this was the way I wanted to go, and then went all in. Alias

On head to Account > ActivityPub and click set Mastodon compatible username. The default for this is your username, so mine would be I changed this to one using my custom url and to keep things nice and simple I chose Once you have done this, your username will appear in a box at the top of the page, next to this click Aliases.

Here, you add in your ‘old’ Mastodon account that you want to transfer followers from and forward all traffic. You can add multiple aliases here if you need to.

Mastodon Move

On your Mastodon instance, head to Settings > Account and towards the bottom you will see Move to a different account. Here you need to add in your new Mastodon compatible username, and then put in your password.

I would like to point out that you can only migrate once every 30 days, and that the process may take a while to complete. All of your followers will be moved across to the account and if anyone replies to your ‘old’ account this will also show up in

Although you can unlink these if you want to open your account back up again, I have not tested this. I have no idea if your followers or content come back again, so consider this destructive, unless you find out otherwise and please let me know.

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