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I Expect More If I’m Paying For It

There are loads of services and apps in my life that I pay for. Perhaps too many, but if I value a service and use it a lot, I like to pay the developers something for their trouble. It feels unethical to use something and not contribute if you can, so I spend too much money on services. However, there’s something that flips in my brain once I start paying for something and I become much less tolerable to bugs.

Hey, bugs happen, and they happen lots in complex software. Although I am uncertain if there is some weird logic going on in my brain, but I just expect then when a service is free or very cheap. Unfortunately, the tide turns, and I tend to start asking questions and getting frustrated when signing up for a subscription and the bugs are still there.

I, rightly or wrongly, expect a service to keep on improving and getting better if it is supported by a subscription and tend to quit things quickly if they don’t start improving. I am not crazy for thinking this, right?

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