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8 Day Streak

It appears that this journaling thing is sticking. At least for now. I am 8 days into it (I started a bit before deciding to purchase pro) with a streak going and everything. Out of those first few days I almost forgot once and didn’t complete my morning pages until 2pm. Which I don’t think is bad going for something I am still unsure what to do with.

Whenever I write about this people come back with all sorts of suggestions, that I have tried numerous time. I could be really stupid but I still don’t know what to write half the time. I am just getting into the habit of opening the app to my morning pages journal and typing something out. It usually starts with some navel-gazing, but some thoughts and feeling usually come to the surface fairly quickly.

There is no way to know if this helps at all, but as an overall indicator of the new year, I do feel better in myself and have more motivation to do things. However, that could be that I actually managed to sleep over the holidays and my body is at a baseline of tiredness instead of in desperation mode (it was 2:20am this morning).

Weirdly, I actually enjoy the process of spending a few minutes to typing things out in my own bubble. I try to do 5 minutes, and it sometimes goes a little over. I can get quite a bit off my chest in that time. I am going to start saving more things to Day One when we spend time as a family and keep some pictures in there, but as for journaling, I am still unsure. As a first test I will do 30 days and see what I end up feeling like.

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