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Advances In AI And Blogging

There appears to be a collective belief that the world of blogging is changing. It is true that we are living in an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is transforming the way content is produced. I’m just not convinced that it will change the way I, or most people I know, blog. Mainly due to the reasons why most people blog being entirely different to those of content farms doing it for income.

There is absolutely no denying that platforms like Chat GPT could make it easier and more efficient for me to create content. That content could allow me to be more targeted, engaging, and interactive, but there in lies the issue. Ask any AI to create a blog post, and it will churn out SEO optimised, un-personal content full of basic facts. There won’t be any feeling or thought-provoking statements. It won’t feel like me.

AI uses (NLP) algorithms to understand, interpret, and generate human language. This technology allows the user to craft content based on various factors, so in theory I could create blog posts based on my understanding how my audience interacts with my blog. Refining posts to better meet their needs. That just isn’t blogging though, is it.

The prediction is that I could go deep in the weeds and start personalising content to each individual reader. By recognising the topics, my readers are most interested in and the types of content they prefer, AI could deliver more relevant, personalised content to keep them engaged. Automating the creation process as we go. No more writing, editing nor publishing. Blog posts would be created based on keywords or topics with little to no input.

Does that sound like blogging to you because it certainly doesn’t for me. What AI will create is a stark difference between people writing on their website and companies doing it for money. The whole point of blogging is writing and expressing yourself. No AI can do that, nor will they ever because being involved in the process is the entire point.

A blog post is like a conversation between a writer and a reader. You can tell when the post has been crafted and constructed using experience and thought. It hasn’t been pumped out for clicks. Unfortunately, as tools become easier to use, like those built into Notion and Craft, bloggers may take the easy route, but at that point they won’t be bloggers any more.

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