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There’s Nothing Quite Like Twitter

I know what you’re thinking, yet another put down post for my pet hate social media site, but no. There’s some praise this time, kind of. The truth is, there is nowhere else that’s quite like Twitter. I can muse all I like about what brands should be doing, but if you’ve got an issue, and you want it resolving – doing it in public on Twitter usually gets results.

For the last few days, I’ve been trying to get my company sorted on a business plan with Craft. It’s not my favourite app in the world, but I tried loads with the team, and it was the most rounded for what we needed. Unfortunately, the sign-up has been less than smooth, so I reached out to them via their preferred email method and waited. Two days passed by, and baring in mind I was waiting for to spend money, I received no reply.

There is something to be said about my confidence levels in their product now, and I’m frustrated. So, I did the only thing I could think of, logged into Twitter for the first time in months to tweet at them. In minutes, I have a reply from the co-founder Viktor and an email address to contact him.

The issue is not resolved yet, and I’m not far way from walking away instead, but this shows the power that Twitter has. Nowhere else can you do this with brands and get your issue sorted. This isn’t unique to Craft, I’ve done it numerous times over the years and sorted numerous issues all on Twitter – via a quick tweet and usually a follow-up by DM.

The chance of this being possible on Mastodon is frankly slim to none. Although I still hold up hope that the same activity could be replicated, I think that we would have started to see movements by now. There’s just something about Twitter that, I doubt, could be replicated elsewhere.

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