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14 Years

Yesterday, myself and my wife celebrate 14 years of being together. It’s not as long as some people, but we’ve been so far together that it feels like a lifetime. We’ve had ups and downs in our time together, but we’ve always remained strong and grow closer together all the time.

I know everyone says this about their other half (maybe not everyone) but I feel so lucky to have found her. We are in many ways polar opposites, a minimalist vs a maximalist, but seem to be the Yin to each other’s Yang.

It’s not all ups in fact, we’ve had a lot of downs, but we deal with the downs together. Raising two wonderful kids, dealing with all of Lucie’s hospital appointments and social care needs as best we can.

The best thing is that my wife makes me a better person. That’s all I can wish for in a person. Someone that loves and cares for me, but also challenges me and pushes me forward. My biggest fan and also the person who keeps me grounded. I love this woman with all my heart. ❤️

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