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Being An Optimist

Without going back and checking where, I am sure I have referred to my wife description of me. No, not that one. This might come of a bit of a shock to someone that follow me online, given my disposition to moan about lots of things — she calls me “annoyingly positive”. To her, I am that guy that looks at everything one way and sees where we can move forward from it.

This stems from a childhood that I wont go into, but I have always had an ability to see the way forward, try to lean into the positive aspects of everything and “just keep swimming” as Dory would say. Plus I’m an introvert and hate complaining anyway!

What this doesn’t mean is I am not naive in thinking the down times don’t exist. I can still ‘sit in the mud’ as Simon Sink would call it, but more I realise that this too shall pass. Optimism is about being hopeful and positive about the future, that bad things will happen, and it’s ok to have struggles and issues with them, but there are always better times coming. You may feel like you are in a dark tunnel at the moment, but optimism keeps me working towards the light and everything will be ok.

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