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Back To Work

I hate this feeling. I’ve never had it before, and I never want it again. Some people call it the holiday blues, others feel it every week on a Sunday evening. Whatever you call it, I’m talking about that sinking feeling when you realise you have to go back to work following some time off, and it fills you with dread.

Generally speaking, I enjoy my job. I have an excellent employer and a good working environment, not many people can say that. I don’t dislike my job by any stretch, but I just don’t want to go back to normality just yet. I want to stay in my holiday bubble and live a life of sun, sea sand and little to no worries. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

I know in my rational mind that returning to normal is what makes vacationing and time off work so special, but my heart has different ideas. I know that I will return to an ever-growing task list, there will always be more work, and a wave of things that happened on my time away. Even though I was a bit sad, and answered emails while I was away!

My enjoyment of my working environment and the things I do has been replaced by the stress of managing a team with a gigantic workload. Thankfully, once the initial few days are out the way, things will return to normal, I am just not sure if I want this normal any more. It could be midlife, it could be holiday blues, either way I have to shake it off and get going anyway!

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