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To Quieten The World

Typically, I enjoy peace and quiet more than anything else. By far, my favourite time is after everyone is fast asleep, and I can enjoy the dullness of the world. I am not aware of any sensory processing issues with my brain, I just don’t understand why everyday life has to be an assault on my senses, and I’d give anything to quieten it down. Thankfully, it only cost me £249.

I’ve theorised that this might be due to the world needing to constantly try to sell me something. I hate the needless background music in gyms, but it seems to spread everywhere. So much so that I have taken to wearing AirPods a lot of the time just to tune some of it out.

Noisy telephone conversations in coffee shops, dull background rumbling of vending machines, wherever it is, all I need to do is pop in my AirPods, and it all goes away. Despite this feeling like I’m mad at the world, this post is more to express my love of my AirPods and why.

These tiny white bits of genius (obviously other noise-cancelling headphones are available) are my favourite bit of technology I own. Not only do they help with quietening down the world, they also improve me hearing the things that matter. Apple has done a wonderful job of transparency mode when you need to hear the things going on around you, and the upcoming Adaptive Audio is a wonderful improvement.

There’s still the unshakable feeling that I am being rude by wearing my headphones, but I think the world is getting used to it. If teenagers can get away with it, so can I!

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