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My Big Flip Phone Experiment

I’m not sure what has caused this feeling. These motivations have existed for a while, but never quite reached this level of motivation, my desire to ditch my phone has reached the levels I have never experienced before, and I’ve gone and done it. For the next 4 weeks, at least, I will be back to using a flip phone, so I figured I might as well get some blog posts (and entertainment) out of it while I navigate this weirdness.

A week or so ago, I was doing the yearly practice of trying to work out when the new iPhone should come out, and when the best time to sell my current version would be. It’s a fine line between having to use a backup phone for a while and getting the most for a device that will drop in price the closer to the iPhone event we get. I usually go back to using my trusty first generation iPhone SE for a week or so, and by the end of it I am ready to throw it in the bin. This year, my SE has not risen from the ashes, and so I’ve opted for something more radical.

Listen, I’ve been banging on about hating my phone but needing to use it for ages, but never done anything drastic before. I’m uncertain if it is because I’m reading Stolen Focus by Johann Hart presently, or I’m just getting my yearly internet annoyance period. Whatever the motivation for it is, my SIM card is now in a Nokia 2660 Flip phone that cost me a whole £25. Well, actually two of them are, my work phone and my personal number because this phone is Dual sim (and that’s about the only useful thing about it).

In the first few hours, I’ve already had a panic because I couldn’t check how much money was in my bank account before I made a purchase. I’ve also been teased relentlessly by my wife and son for daring to take a call in public on it, but I think I am getting there. I will no doubt hit numerous road blocks along the way, and might end up stomping into town to buy a cheap iPhone, but it will be amusing for everyone to watch (or read about) anyway.

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