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It’s Not For Me

I love to try new things. To push the limits of where I am settled and see if new technology can help me out. This usually revolves around phones and for a long time I was, a phrase I coined, a phonehobo. I just moved around all over the place and never had a home. The constant release of Android phones in the early 2010s meant that there was no shortage of new things to try and the constant promise of the new one being the best.

Now I am settled into using iOS devices, I know that the Workflows I have built up and the apps I enjoy using are right for me. That doesn’t, however, stop me trying things out even so often, and if you’ve followed me for more than five minutes you will have seen my occasional dalliance with Android phones. Most of these dalliances are to make sure I don’t fall into the trap of being a fanboy, and can appreciate that different, and at times better, things exist.

Each time I decide to try one, I have the same ideas in my head. That the device will offer me a bit more than my trusty iPhone, and a return of the excited feeling I got every time I unboxed a new Nexus or Galaxy device in the distant past. Yet, a day or so into using them, I rediscover that Android is just not for me.

I like Android. I think it’s a great OS, and each update that Google release makes me wish I could use it. There are no issues with the hardware either, bar the camera, many of the handsets I try match Apple build quality and some are even better. There’s not one big reason why I always go back, there are just lots of little paper cuts that make the decision for me. Small things that I can’t get used to or just don’t work the way I want them to, and no amount of me forcing the issue will change that.

There are numerous things in life that are not for me. Mechanical keyboards. Red wine sauce. Anime movies. I just need to accept that Android is another one of those things. There is a comfort in being comfortable with yourself, maybe I should give that a try!

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