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You Can ‘Like’ My Blog Posts

I mean, everyone likes my blog posts, but one follow up that I got from publishing how I set up links to cross posting is about the thumbs up. Some people are surprised you can ‘like’ my blog posts straight from the page, and I think it’s really cool too.

Technically, it’s called Kudos, and is the work of awesome developer Vincent Ritter. His analytics platform, the aptly named Tinylytics, includes the ability to add a dopamine boating feedback mechanism right into your blog posts. I’ve made this the simple thumbs up emoji because I’m simple, however others have made it all sorts of things. See Maique blog and the lollipop icon. This achieves the same thing.

Usually, the reserve of social media platforms, it’s actually quite nice to receive the occasional bit of feedback. A little nod to say people have read it and like it, rather than just bouncing off the page. I don’t think it should be the basis of why you publish to your blog, but thanks to Vincent’s work, it really helps. It is simple to set up, and you can try Tinylytics out for free at I’m not affiliated with the service whatsoever, I just think it’s cool and people asked about it.

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