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Coffee Shop Adventures

Bar a couple of months in early 2022, I have been working from home now for more than three years. It’s a great existence, means in can concentrate better, look after my beloved dog and also be around for my family in the school holidays. I would however like to mention that it can be a bit lonely at times and I want to change that no my contract is fully remote.

One of the reasons I went with a 16” MacBook this time was the idea that I could work a bit better away from home, and as my m3 pro was delivered yesterday, off I went. I wouldn’t feel myself if I didn’t have a bit of think about why I wanted to go though. SO it took me a couple of hours to talk myself into it.

I didn’t want this to be an adventure of ego. You’ve seen the people I am talking about. MacBook Pro out, headphones on, not really doing much but want to be seen with their shiny laptop. I would rather not be one of those people. I definitely wasn’t going to out to show off my new Space Black MacBook. I don’t think.

Anyway. I wasn’t alone. It appears that everyone does this. I went to a nice local family run place called Kitchen and Coffee that brews nice drinks and the tables were awash with MacBooks. Just MacBooks. No other type of computer to be seen, which, I thought was weird. No other Space Black ones, I checked. Twice. Certainly, not showing off, I think.

I don’t feel uncomfortable opening this massive machine and typing away on what seems to be the same size keyboard as my old 14” but dwarfed by speakers on either side that are throwing off my typing. I hadn’t realised just how much of my finger placement was dependent on feeling the sides of my laptop with my hands, and I am conscious of hitting the ginormous trackpad, so my wrists hurt already.

Why is the trackpad so massive though? There’s no reason for it. No added benefit or increased functionality. It’s just there to fill the space, what a weird design choice. Now I am staring at my laptop weirdly, and I am conscious people are looking. The good thing is that it seems to reject my palms resting on it, so no false touches to report as yet.

Just as I am starting to think this purchase was a mistake and running through my options to return it and buy a smaller version, I realise the size of the screen. I have two windows open side by side and can see both of them perfectly. Who would have thought that 2-inches of screen size make such a difference. I never once thought my old one was small, but this is positively mind-bending. Perhaps I was right all along and this will enable me to work outside the house more.

Perhaps more coffee shop adventures to come. I need to find a quieter place though.

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