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Varied Writing Needed

I’ve been struggling to write about much else besides writing. Sure, it’s occupying much of my time right now, but it isn’t a subject I typically cover. This isn’t a ‘worry’, but a post I read earlier highlighted factors that might be affecting my slump.

A post on the Meadow blog, about reading lots of blogs to be able to write widely, states:

There are no real guidelines on how to create posts. There are no expectations you need to fulfill, no boxes you need to check. There’s nothing you have to do besides doing whatever you want.

This simple statement is easy to forget. I still worry about the way I format my blog posts and what to write about, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. These meta posts are fine, because anything is fine. There’s no pressure to have a ‘thing’, and people seem to read them anyway. So, insert shrug emoji?

I’m 100% on board with the comments about the need to read a lot to write more. My usual inspiration for posts comes from the things I consume. Occasionally podcasts and TV shows, but nothing seems to prod my inspiration as much as reading books and blog posts. Something that generally falls away once I become busy.

By returning to the things I enjoy, it sparks the creativity to do other things I enjoy, and everything becomes right with the world again.

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