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The Missing Human Curation

Cassidy writing about the missing human curation:

When algorithms determine everything we should see, the internet becomes much less personal. The “For You” pages of the world are accurate—I am interested in that content, but I’m not seeing it from my friends, or that one author I like, or that random blog I stumbled upon while learning about an obscure hobby.

I stumbled upon this post while searching for cross-posting options for my blog. Due to its precise hit on the internet’s head, I’m now seriously considering personal curation.

While I still believe that algorithmic sorting on a large scale is better for users, the effectiveness of these systems ‘depends’. Almost all are designed to keep you engaged, manipulate your cognition, and then serve you ads. I’ve never encountered one tailored to show you things from your friends, and that’s the real issue.

The finger of accusation can’t be pointed at ‘the algorithm’. It just doing its job. It’s the companies that took all the personality out of the web for their own benefit. Manipulated us into thinking we needed them, remove all the quirkiness from our websites to rank higher and changed the way we post for internet points.

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