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No More Snacks

Rex Barrett writing about his ongoing content diet:

… Filling my time with these junk apps is alluring, and I feel good when using them, but I want to find content that takes me somewhere. Ultimately, I don’t want to look back and see hours blocks of time squandered on things I’ll not even remember in a day or two.

My brain goes through these cycles of needing to back away from the web completely, to diving in constantly. It often coincides with bouts of low mental health and other issues, and much like binge eating it is a comping mechanism to distract me from other things.

In many ways I know that snacking on the internet is bad for me, but at the same time I enjoy using it. Overtime I have built up an intolerance to shameless showboating, attention seeking and needless hyperbole which I why I tend to steer clear of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and similar platforms in favour of decentralised mediums (namely Mastodon). With non algorithmic timelines these things are kept to a minimum and as such as much better for me.

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