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A Bit Of Resistance Does Wonders

I came across an interesting tale about Biosphere 2, a massive scientific experiment in Arizona designed to mimic Earth’s ecosystems. Inside this controlled bubble, trees shot up at a rate that surprised everyone. Initially, this seemed like a win for the scientists—creating perfect conditions for growth. But then, these rapidly growing trees started dying unexpectedly.

The culprit? No wind. Yes, really. In their natural habitats, trees are exposed to wind, which actually helps them grow stronger by forcing them to stabilise and develop robust roots. But in the sheltered life of Biosphere 2, without these natural challenges, the trees lacked the resilience to sustain themselves.

Sometimes, we look at people who seem to be advancing rapidly and wonder about their secret. What we often don’t see is the “shelter” around them—whether that’s privilege, support, or resources—that might be helping them but also potentially weakening them in ways not immediately visible. They’re missing out on the “winds” of challenge that help strengthen and prepare us for the real world.

This whole situation has me thinking about the balance between protection and exposure. How much should we shield ourselves or others from the challenges of life? Are we nurturing resilience or inadvertently fostering fragility? Maybe it’s about finding that sweet spot where we’re supported enough to thrive but still exposed enough to grow strong and resilient. Sometimes, the very things that make us feel safe can hold us back from developing the strength we truly need.

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