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A Day Off

For the first time in recent memory, I booked a day off from work today with absolutely nothing planned. My company leave is usually taken up by family holidays, hospital appointments, and other things that occupy my time, but today I am free to do whatever I please, which of course means absolutely nothing.

Not that I don’t have anything to do; I have lots of things that could occupy my time, but I am incapable of deciding what to do. How do you decide which one of the million things to do that you have put off for a day like this? Just like my ‘someday’ task list, these things that I put off until I have the time to do them are often things I don’t really want to do. If they were, I would have set aside time for them anyway.

As such, my day will be filled with nothingness, and that’s exactly how I like it. Walking my dog, enjoying the sun that is gracing the UK at the moment, and writing some blog posts. I feel a little bit like I have bunked off school, and instead of finding the nirvana that I expected, I instead have to wait around for everyone to finish school. This day will be ‘wasted’ and that’s perfect.

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