Greg Morris

Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad


A young person with curly hair sits on the edge of a concrete ledge, focused on their phone. They are wearing a loose-fitting beige T-shirt and black pants. Below them is a pond with several orange fish swimming, and the person's reflection is A person wearing glasses and a blue sweatshirt is walking past a construction site or industrial area, reflected in a puddle on the ground. A blonde woman is looking at her reflection in a round mirror, seemingly inspecting clothes off-frame. Various colorful clothing items hang in the foreground, obstructing part of the scene. The background is blurred but appears to be indoors. A man with glasses and a tattoo on his left arm is eating at a wooden table, captured through a decorative mirror. He is using a fork and looking down at his food, with a drink and what appears to be a food container in front of A variety of items displayed at a flea market, including an ornate mirror with a carved wooden frame featuring birds and leaves, a framed painting of colorful sailboats, and various vintage tools and trinkets. The mirror reflects an older man standing nearby.
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