Greg Morris

Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad

Hats, hats, hats

An elderly person wearing a hat and a light jacket, standing by a table with pamphlets labeled “Free Literature.” The individual is holding a red bag and appears to be picking up an item from the table. The setting is outdoors in a shaded area

A person wearing a beige hat with a leopard print band and a blue shirt is seen in silhouette against a market stall background. There are fresh produce items such as asparagus and tomatoes visible in the background. The person has a backpack with a floral pattern.

A man wearing a beige hat and dark blazer is walking on the street, carrying an umbrella in one hand and pulling a suitcase with the other. He is seen from the back and is passing by a store with a sign that reads “FREE PEOPLE”.

A person wearing a bright pink hat with a black flower and black band, along with a white knit top, standing outdoors beside two others. The background features a blurred architectural structure and some vibrant orange elements.

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