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Weekly Check In

In an effort to motivate myself to write more regularly, I’ve decided to consolidate my small updates into one post each week. This may last only a week or it may stick—I’ve started and abandoned so many creative projects that it’s hard to say. But I can try.


My increased focus on photography has led to a decline in my writing. While my shots may not be anything extraordinary, I find the practice enjoyable and meditative.

I’ve previously written about my difficulty in pursuing more than one creative activity at a time, and I still don’t know why that is. I now see the world through the lens of a camera, capturing moments in time. Previously, I viewed it as material for blog posts. I feel most at home wandering around, looking for interesting scenes, seeing the world from a different perspective, and focusing solely on capturing it, without the distraction of life’s other stresses.

London Calling

Due to my love of street photography, I’ve been visiting London frequently. Living in a rural area makes it challenging to pursue urban photography, but fortunately, it doesn’t take long to get to the city.

If I lived there, I’d probably grow tired of it, but for now, I find the contrast in lifestyles between London and my home fascinating. The hustle and bustle are refreshing, and the city is perfect for street photography.

Fixing Things

We’ve been in our current house for almost six years now, and the newly built features are starting to show their age all at once. This past week, I had to replace our washing machine, strip down and repair the dishwasher, and now the boiler is making strange noises.

Thankfully, I can handle most repairs and at least diagnose issues, if not fix them myself (with the exception of gas and heating systems, for obvious reasons). But it’s still frustrating. It feels like everything decided to break simultaneously, testing my patience and my bank balance. I hope nothing else breaks in the near future!

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