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Reach For The Blog

After my post the other day about struggling with what’s going on in my life, I’ve been thinking a lot more about blogging. My mind is still a long way from framing the world in blog posts again, but I’ve realised how important my blog is to me. When the going gets tough and there are challenges to cope with, I always reach for my blog as a refuge.

Writing is a well-known method for coping with life’s difficulties, even if you don’t publish what you write. However, there’s something uniquely special about having a blog—one that people read and interact with. The support that can form around it is incredible. I received several kind replies wishing me well, and more than one person took the time to send me an email with words of encouragement. While this isn’t my primary motivation for writing, it’s heartwarming to receive such support.

My blog has been a constant presence in my life in various forms for more than a decade. It’s always there for me to rely on. Over the weekend, while sitting in the hospital for hours on end, I began reading other people’s posts and publishing my own. There’s no need for social media boredom relief when your blogging workflow takes over. It also helps when there are plenty of things to write about, as it keeps my mind engaged and productive.

During the first few days of managing everything on my own, I felt overwhelmed. Yet, my mind instinctively started to draft a blog post. Moments later, it was written and published. This spontaneous act of writing helped me process my feelings and organise my thoughts. It’s amazing how important my blog has become to me—it’s not just a platform for sharing my experiences but also a therapeutic tool that helps me navigate life’s challenges.

Blogging has provided me with an outlet for my emotions and a way to connect with others who may be going through similar experiences. It’s a space where I can be honest about my struggles and triumphs, and receive support from a community of readers. This sense of connection and understanding is invaluable. My blog is much more than just a hobby; it’s a vital part of my life. I’m grateful to have my blog as a constant companion and source of support.

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