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Pay per scroll

Manuel Moreale ponders what he would pay for if you had to pay per scroll:

think about what the web would look like if it was some sort of pay-per-scroll platform. Not a place where virtually everything is free but a place where everything has to be purchased in order to be consumed.

This is quite an old post, one that pops up from time to time in my saved quotes. It always makes me pause. I remember it for a few days, and then I promptly slip back into my old ways.

Users like things free. They love free. But what if they began to frame things as if they are paying (which, of course, they are - with time and attention)? Both users and developers know we wouldn’t pay for the mediocre content we see online; hence, everything has infinite scroll now. Even the short pause of loading a new page of content would provide enough breathing room to recognise how terrible this is.

Yet here we are. Scrolling. Forever.

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