Greg Morris


People are often interested in the things I use and the setups of my technology. This page serves as an almost constantly changing outline of the stuff I love and the apps and services that help me do things. 

iPhone 14 Pro — 128gb Deep Purple

I didn’t expect to buy the new iPhone this year, but after playing with one for a little while, I decided to upgrade from my 13 Mini because of the camera. Most of the photos I shoot now are taken on the iPhone 14 Pro and I do most of my publishing from it too. My only criticism is that I should have opted for the Pro Max, but apart from that, I love it.

Home Screen

I try to keep my iPhone as simple as possible. I have as little apps installed as possible, but I am currently exploring new tools, as I do every new year. Notable apps to mention are:

Brain FM — this is my most used app on my iPhone. Brain Fm helps me to get into a creating flow and also relax. The only downside is the guided meditation is terrible, it needs to learn when to shut up!

Life Update — this is a great Shortcut I created to post most things to social media.

Day One - I love journalling and it loves me!

Matter - I am a Patron of this awesome app and use it read everything on the web.

Apple Watch Ultra 2022

I wrote a long love letter to this watch that has surprisingly been my best purchase of the year. I am not really one for using loads of apps on my Apple Watch, but I really love the new explorer watch face that shows signal. It allows me to be phoneless for a lot of my day.

MacBook Pro 14 inch, 2021

I use this machine for everything in my personal and creative life. For a ‘entry level’ laptop, it never misses a beat with a M1 Pro and 16gb of RAM. I work on Illustrator artboards measured in meters, and it outperforms everything else I have used. It is genuinely the best bit of tech I have ever purchased.

AirPods Max & Pro

There is not much of my normal working day that I don’t have headphones in of some description. I use my AirPods Pro for listening to podcasts or audiobooks whilst walking the dog. Replacing them with AirPods Max in the office and playing Brain FM. They help keep my world quiet and my brain focused on the tasks at hand. It’s rare that a bit of tech doesn’t distract me and instead helps me get work done.