HomeScreen April 2020

I told you I was going to keep on top of this and share my Homescreen regularly. You might not take much from this one compared to last month, but after inspiration from Homescreens relaunching I want to share anyway.

The main thing that has changed is the amount of gaming I am doing on my phone. For years I avoided it because I thought it was a waste of time, and not something I wanted to be doing. But now I am playing Stadia most evenings and have jumped right into Apple Arcade again with WonderBox.

My writing has also changed, returning to my trusty Ulysses app via almost every other wiring app.

I stuck with Things 3 over Reminders and Todoist. Despite working very closely with the team at Doist I have found myself not needing something so in my face and Things 3 seems to fit my more lazy approach to reminding me things and managing projects.

Roam has left the building completely. It’s impossible to use on iOS, and although I love the idea is far too expensive for me to justify at the moment. I’m sticking with Apple notes and looking for some other way to replace meeting things, although these are few and far between now.

That is pretty much it for changes.

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