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My Homescreen To End 2021

Due to my fixed nature and habits I don’t change my home screen very much. It stays pretty static, containing one page of icons and some widgets in slide over and that’s it. Not using your phone much has its benefits, but a few changes are worth sharing, so here’s an update to see out 2021.


Ulysses - I think I have tried every notes app out there, and despite trying to use Obsidian for everything, I love to write in Ulysses. The small price per year is worth being able to publish and update posts in Ghost alone.

Upnext - Replacing Pocket as my read it later service. Currently in open beta Upnext gives me a place to read all of the newsletters I love, articles I save and also YouTube videos I want to watch later. All in one place.

Brain FM - This app is almost always playing on my iPhone. I love it so much that it's always on hand to play something calming, improving my focus or just so the world isn’t silent.

Day One - After using it religiously years a go I am trying it out again as a bit of an experiment. I am not certain how this fits into my life yet.

Tweetbot - You’ve caught me at a bit of a low point right now. Back using Twitter and it's on my home screen. The travesty!

Obsidian - What is there to say that hasn’t already been said. Despite falling off a little towards the end of the year, Obsidian is the app I use the most to write, learn and make notes.

I still love reviewing apps and have helped out several teams over the years beta test and design their apps. Get in touch if you are interested in working together.


Glass - The only reason I still have the app installed is because of the widget. I love having nice photos on my home screen.

Headspace (stack) - My meditation app of choice, I love it.

Pocketcasts (stack) - Despite not consuming nearly as many as a couple of years ago, Pocketcasts is the best app across iPhone, watch and car play.

Audible (stack) - Hate Amazon, Love audible. Trying to force some audio books into my life currently due to my tendency to fall asleep while trying to read!

Reeder - To gets my reading on! Love catching up on RSS feeds of my favourite content and Reeder syncs across all of my devices using iCloud (no middle service needed).

Shortcuts - Automation is central to me getting stuff done. Check out some of my favourite here.

Lightroom - I am stuck in The adobe suite unfortunately.

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