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I Want To Write Something

There is a tale to be told here. One that having a blog sometimes feels a little like having an unpaid job. A job that you feel like you should be doing better and more often than you are, but I reality you don’t owe anyone that obligation.

The feelings of owing the people who read and subscribe to my blog at least some kind of activity have been circling for years. In 2018, I struggled with the motivation to do it, and despite improving my drive to publish, and even picking up an award for doing so, the motivation still comes and goes.

Despite my desire to push things out, I still think the peaks and troughs of publishing just need to be ridden. There is little point going through the motions for little reward, I’d rather wait until I have something to say rather than waste your time. The constant changing requirements in my life mean that for long periods I don’t have the energy remaining to catch up on the latest news. Despite now doing one of my own, my podcast consumption remains low, and almost every article I read and want to make a comment on I do so in Matter.

Having different outlets is great, but doesn’t get away from the fact I want to write more things. My desire to write and publish never leaves me, but the motivation or time to do so frequently does. Life has this funny way of getting in the way of everything else that you would like to do doesn’t it. By the time the day is done, I have done too much staring at a screen that even a little while longer to bang some keys seems like too much.

With all this said, I shouldn’t feel like I need to. There is no reason for me to worry about those that enjoy my things because they won't stop. They may just be a little delayed while I attempt to write something.

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