Thinking About Twitter

Trying to form my desires and intentions for sharing online is hard. There are a few things I want to do, and a few more I would like to do but probably won’t and then a few more that I would like to cut out.

The motivation to put my ducks and a row is not prompted by Elon, but when others are doing and writing about the same thing currently, it could well be a slight motivating factor.

I haven’t formed any opinion on the Twitter thing, partly because I don’t really care. I am lucky in the sense that I haven’t experienced any of the issues that mayincrease with a less carefully approach. However, I can’t get emotional about something that hasn’t changed (yet) and I may struggle to give up my beloved Twitter if anything ever did.

My sharing online was at a point not too long ago where I almost walked away entirely. I have absolutely no idea why I continue to share what I do, why I feel the need to tweet many things, and have given up trying to work it out. I have not got to the stage where my brain thinks in 280 characters, but I am not far away from a life like this.

There is no doubt in my mind that Twitter affects my concentration and my attention span. Yet, even knowing this, there would have to be something pretty dramatic to stop me from using it. Sure I can be intentional about its usage, I do limit myself a little and still stay engaged with life, but until Elon burns it down I will still keep coming back.

Twitter has given me so much positive in my life, it may never reach a net negative. Meeting people, finding out things and providing comfort when I need it most keep me coming back time and time again, and I don’t see that ever-changing.

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