Greg Morris

Designer, Pretend Photographer, Dad

Ride The Waves

Over the years, I have become used to most of my life being like swimming in the sea. Bobbing up and down and having to work with the environment to get the best out of my experience. There is absolutely no point in me trying to swim against the tide, nor ignoring the waves for risk of them breaking over my head. It’s best to just ride it out.

There have been points where I have tried to force it. Sitting in my chair, and fretting over writing something because last week it was easy. When in reality I had obsoletely nothing that I needed nor wanted to say at that point. I have attempted to break through walls and run distances simply because I used to be able to do it, when in reality the tide was on its way out.

In contrast, there have been times when I have struggled through the adversity. Smashed through the wall and taken much more away from the experience. Run personal bests following a moment of dread before lacing up my trainers and doing it anyway. The sweetest victories are those that I fought uphill, against the grain, and at points thought about quitting.

When the tide swells, I’ve learnt to just go with it. My inspiration is something I have to take advantage of while it is there and publish thoughts as they arise. I have to capitalise on motivation to exercise when it is there to make sure I can have down days and not feel bad about it. The most important thing I have to do is listen to myself and understand why. To discover in myself the reason for having to ride the waves to avoid drowning, when some days I’m carried forward by them.

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